Taking you to the limits of imagination with a touch of magic. Dedicated to the limitless thoughts of the modern digital media consumer. Magic TV turns feature films, short films, web series, and standalone music videos into visuals that mesmerize, convince & touch your soul.

As magicians of our craft, we aim to entertain and create a sense of awe in our audience. Conceptualizing and creating content for a variety of video streaming services, and supporting independent artists in creating path-breaking music and movies. We achieve this by pursuing stories on issues that are consistently ignored by mainstream production houses. Be it love, laughter, tragedy, or controversy, we encapsulate every story with our passion.

Our first two projects mirror that commitment. ‘Legends’, a Hip hop single, is a tribute to rappers who fell victim to violent assaults, and our first feature film, ‘The Last Customer’, seeks to take viewers on a journey to understand the plight of sex workers in the country.

Cast & Crew


Darryl Jose, Bhanu Valluri

Darryl Jose, Bhanu Valluri

Writer & Director

Sheik Nabaji


Manikumaran Sankara


Kalidass KS

Music Director

Barath Raghavan

Lyrics Writer

Iykki Berry, Siluvai Mathan


Sherif Master

Santhosh Pratap

Swayam Siddha

Abhriami Venkatachalam

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